Препород | 重生 | Rebirth

    ▪︎ Kikinda, Serbia

Капи | 點滴 | Drop

    ▪︎ Kučevo, Serbia

Rolls of Landscapes

The joint exhibition of Tsui Chi Yu and Jor Yin Fun
  ▪︎ 香港 Hong Kong

Chinese art in Hong Kong

Ink Paintings by Teachers and Students
  ▪︎ 香港 Hong Kong

左.左 | Left .Left

A Joint Exhibition of Jor Yin Fun, students, friends and family
  ▪︎ 香港 Hong Kong

Solo Exhibition: Annabeth Wan

  ▪︎ 香港 Hong Kong

Solo Exhibition: Priscilla Ng

  ▪︎ 香港 Hong Kong

Solo Exhibition:Ching Youth

  ▪︎ 香港 Hong Kong 

Group Show: Cognitio College (Kowloon) student

  ▪︎ 香港 Hong Kong

Solo Exhibition: Reverie

  ▪︎ 香港 Hong Kong

Solo Exhibition: Edwin Cho - When 3P's converge

  ▪︎ 香港 Hong Kong

Solo Exhibition: Yvonne Cheng

  ▪︎ 香港 Hong Kong

Solo Exhibition: Nadja Jelenkovic - Le voisin d'en face

    ▪︎ 香港 Hong Kong

Solo Exhibition: Jen Yip - 10 Years

  ▪︎ 香港 Hong Kong

Solo Exhibition: Nikola Jelenkovic - Space

  ▪︎ 香港 Hong Kong

Solo Exhibition: Kurt Hau

  ▪︎ 香港 Hong Kong

Solo Exhibition: Kyaio Fung

  ▪︎ 香港 Hong Kong

Solo Exhibition: Annie Choi

  ▪︎ 香港 Hong Kong

Solo Exhibition: Daniel Ng

  ▪︎ 香港 Hong Kong

Лутање уметничка изјожба |
《浦》藝術作品展 |
"Wander" Art Exhibition

Djura Jaksic House
Skadarska 24, Belgrade
Republic of Serbia
28 July - 11 August 2017

Several years ago the artists from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, members of White Box Friends “wandered” through Skadarlija. With good music and “draft wine”, they were much attracted to the bohemian way of enjoyment, after which a desire was born to hold the exhibition “Wandering”, in cooperation with the House of Đure Jakšić.

The Chinese character “蒲”, pronounced in the Cantonese dialect as “pou4”, signifies a type of fresh water plant. When dried, in ancient times, it was used for knitting sitting mattresses. These mattresses were used during the occasions of “蒲”, ie. socializing in guest houses. At such gatherings people conversed, drank, enjoyed themselves, dreamed and created art works, as in Skadarlija. In the middle of the joyful atmosphere it is easy to let one’s mind wander off. Especially when artists are in question, wanderings often follow.

The House of Đure Jakšić is situated in Skadarlija street. The house is called so because the famous artist and poet spent the last five years of his life living here with his family. “The house of Đure Jakšić forms part of the Cultural Institution Steamboat of the municipality of Stari Grad. Throughout the year, the House of Đure Jakšić organizes literary evenings, book promotions, exhibitions, etc. In this way the House of Đure Jakšić continues with the tradition of cultivating and promoting literary and artistic expressions while preserving the memory of the life and work of the famous poet and painter.” As such, we are pleased that our wandering finishes in the form of an exhibition at the home of Đure Jakšić.